GivingBack Foundation, Inc.


A volunteer should be under the supervision and guidance of a Site Supervisor, representing GivingBack Foundation, Inc. (GBF). The Site Supervisor will guide the volunteers in answering questions about the structured objectives of program.

The following expectations are projected for Volunteers:

  • to pass a criminal background check.
  • to acquaint the volunteer with policies and traditions of the organization.
  • to provide the volunteer with opportunities for observations of partners as appropriate.
  • to involve the volunteer in a variety of activities which might include: meet and greet activities, conference and program registrations, concession duty, fundraising and marketing projects and developing positive organizational relationships.
  • to promote the volunteer’s understanding of the needs of clients and the consideration of alternatives to meet those needs.
  • to establish a positive environment for the volunteer, including acquainting the volunteer with other volunteers and providing the volunteer with appropriate materials, resources and working space.
  • to help volunteers become aware of themselves as people who have the potential to be helpful and to analyze their value orientations about people and the problems they bring to social agencies.
  • to assist volunteers in clarifying vocational choices as a result of an opportunity to identify with the professional environment in the organization.  



  • Please arrive to volunteer site at least 15 minutes before your scheduled shift. If you are lost or can not locate the volunteer site, please telephone volunteer site supervisor immediately.


  • Uniform: GBF issued Volunteer T-shirt, black bottom (slacks or skirt) and dark shoes.
  • A turtle neck (solid white) may be worn underneath during cold or inclement weather.
  • T-shirt (and turtle neck) MUST be tucked in bottom (slacks or skirt) at ALL times.
  • Uniform should be clean and pressed at ALL times. Image is EVERYTHING!
  • You must always wear issued volunteer uniform, determined on project-to-project basis.


  • Chewing gum, while in uniform, is prohibited.
  • Eating and drinking should be limited, while volunteering.
  • Use of cellular phones, pagers or any other electronic devices, while volunteering, should be limited to emergencies.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Consuming alcohol is prohibited.
  • Use of illegal drugs is prohibited.


  1. I hereby give GivingBack Foundation, Inc. the right to use, copyright, and publish ALL forms of media of me for promotional purposes. Media will only be used for promotional purposes of GivingBack Foundation, Inc. and in a positive manner.
  2. I release GivingBack Foundation, Inc. from all legal claims that may come about as a result to the use of my media, I hereby state that I fully understand and comply with the way my media will be utilized.


The undersigned swears that the foregoing statements are true and correct and include all material information necessary to identify and explain the operations of GBF, Inc. Further, the undersigned agrees to provide upon request, complete information regarding actual volunteer work performed on any project dealing with GBF, Inc.

All information submitted with the certification becomes the property of GBF, Inc. Information that reasonably may be regarded as sensitive will be considered proprietary and confidential.

GBF, Inc. understands the confidentiality of the information you provide in connection with your application for certification is of the highest importance. GBF, Inc. holds this information in the strictest confidence and each member with access to your information has pledged not to disclose or disseminate that information, unless ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction or the government.

On this day , I do hereby swear, as a volunteer, I will give my time and talent to help support GivingBack Foundation, Inc. I agree to hold GivingBack Foundation, Inc., Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Sponsors, Partners, Staff, Members and Volunteers harmless, for any liability incurred in connection with, in any claim arising out of project volunteering and/or volunteering in general.